Aug 4, 2008

MSF - Rider Safety Course

This past weekend I completed the MSF Rider Safety Course offered through Texas R.I.D.E.R at the Arlington location. If you don't remember it was 102°F on Saturday and 104°F on Sunday so it was exhausting to be outside all day. The humidity made it feel much hotter and we were under an exessive heat warning. But the class I was in had a great group of people. We started the riding portion of the class with 7 riders in the group I was in. After the heat took it's toll just 5 of us completed it. We had plenty of water breaks to keep us functioning.

I'm not a paid endorser, but I strongly suggest you check out Texas R.I.D.E.R if you, or someone you know, needs to take a riding course. Our instructor, Mike Hudson, was a just full of knowledge and experience. I think it's safe to speak for my other 5 riding companions when I say he made the class fun and the heat bearable. Now I'm off to get my insurance discount, H.O.G. reimbursement, etc. Be sure to check out the CMA. Have fun and be safe and as Mike reminded us the rubber side goes down, the shiny side stays up!