Sep 25, 2013

Hello, is there anybody out there?

I started blogging originally to deal with the loss of my wife and the grief my children and I were left to deal with. Then sooner than I thought I found myself with a woman that filled all the gaps left open by our loss.
Things that seem to good to be true usually are. I'll share the entire dramatization over time, for now its sufficient to say I've been betrayed. I find myself gravitating here again to deal with loss. This time my children have been taken from me. They are still healthy and well, but I mourn them all the same cause they aren't with me. I've spent more than two years in court fighting for my children and I'm no closer now than I was in the beginning. If justice happens at the courthouse it'll be an accident.

I've learned over these years that no one loves a child like the parents, and those that wish to hurt you have no greater exploit than your children. In the movies you see the villain take the hero's family for coercion or an incentive to a dark purpose. Only in real life its worse. The villains legally separate your children from your protection ( I'll explain how later) and then systematically train them to believe that you are a monster of a person. You can only hope that they remember what you really are and how much you love them because the court has restricted all access to them. You wake at night dreaming of them and hoping they still dream of you too.

So I've come back here in hoping that my kids, at some point, will find this and read along. Hoping my kids will understand that they were taken from me, never abandoned. Knowing that they love me and hoping to reassure them that I love them too. I will never stop loving them; never stop fighting for them, and will never leave them.

I'm still here; and this is still life as its happened to me.