Apr 13, 2009

Easter…as we observed it.

As has become tradition we spent Easter Sunday at my Mother’s but this year because of the rain we hunted eggs indoors. Looking back I feel somewhat accomplished; my kids were dressed for the occasion after some struggling, and we made some good memories that will help make each new year a little easier I hope.

My Teen is a little self conscience about her legs, she has eczema and it seems to concentrate below her knees; so getting her in a dress is tough. Not to mention she’s a bit of a tomboy so wearing a dress isn’t her favorite anyway. I manage to get her to wear a long skirt with hose so she complained all day to anyone who would listen. I know it comes with the territory but this teenage girl, “I’m the center of the world” selfish behavior is really getting on my nerves. I love her to death, but some days I wonder what am I doing raising a teenager on my own? The first few times she complained about her clothes it irritated me but as the day went on the continuing theme was everyone telling her how pretty she looked and that she should wear dresses more often.

Score one for Dad.

Princess is the opposite; she loves to wear dresses and be very girly. Our issue was picking the dress. I picked out a dress for her to wear over a week ago and she talked about it everyday. Then Easter morning she decided she wanted to wear a different dress. It was cold and rainy out and she wanted to wear a dress that was made of light material and was sleeveless. In the end she conceded to wearing the original dress and didn’t think twice about it the rest of the day.

Now the easiest of them all…my Sugarbear. He’s in such a hurry to grow up and get big and that can be a little frustrating when he thinks he can do things he’s not quite big enough for; but quite often it helps since he wants to be so independent. True to most males…he could care less what he wears. I laid out his clothes so he could skip the task of picking them out himself, but mostly so he wouldn’t come down in shorts and a grungy T-Shirt. He got himself dressed and ready to go and waited on me to sort out the girl’s issues so we could leave for Church.

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Once everyone was dressed and ready we headed to Church and then to my Mom’s house. The kids had such a good time playing with their cousin and hunting for eggs. We had the traditional ham and I ate way too much; to the point where I was sleepy and a bit miserable the rest of the day, but it’s hard to pass up home cooked meals these days. The kids all got pretty wound up on candy and I left my three with my Mom just before the sugar crash because I have to work today but they are out of school. My nephew had his sugar crash right before Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jen left so I’m sure he had a nice long nap in the car. He’s so adorable!

Easter turned out to be a nice relaxing day of fellowship and family. The significance of the day pressed on me pretty hard in our Bible study class as I intertwine Jesus’ life…God’s ultimate plan, and what that means for us now that Mindy is gone. But all in all it was a good day.

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  1. thanks for the encouragement. it's a weird club we are in, huh? No one wants to join, but everyone "gets" it once you're in.