Jun 24, 2009

Princess Ballerina

Runtime 5:57

The video may be a bit long for some, but I couldn't help it. I'm so proud of my little princess. This was taken last week at her recital and I wish I could make her smile that big everyday! A huge "THANK YOU!!" to Aunt Jen for helping out with hair, make up, costume changes, etc. She took the best pictures too. I'll try to post a few a little later.

You were brilliant little Princess. What a graceful little dancer! I absolutely love watching you dance. You remind me of your mother more and more every day.


  1. She was so precious. I LOVED being able to help do all of the girly stuff with her. She sure looks a lot like Mindy. . . I wonder what she will look like when she grows up. So proud of her and love you guys!