Jul 27, 2009

Can’t you read?

I was under the impression that since the adoption was complete that I was in the clear. I was wrong. It appears that the great State of Texas requires that you send in paperwork to which they have no intention of reading. Such is the case with my Order Granting Adoption. I need these documents in order to properly enroll her in school. I sent in the order, along with the Certificate of Adoption and the required fee as requested by the State only to receive a letter in return that my request could not be completed because the child’s mother did not join in the petition.


The agent handling my request at the State office got  a concise email and several voicemails to inform her that had she bothered to read the documents I sent in it is clearly stated that the child’s mother is not included as a petitioner because she is deceased!! To this point all attempts to contact the agent to ask her to actually read the paperwork I was requested to send in have met with no response.

So to quickly recap; I sent in the documents and the fee. The State waited three weeks to cash my check for the fees and waited an additional month to notify me they couldn’t complete my request. All attempts at contact have been fruitless and school starts in three weeks. I can only envision the mess I’ll have trying to straighten this all out with the State, then the school, and then the Social Security office. I just have no patience for this sort of laziness.


  1. I'm sorry that you met with such incompetence, but not really all that surprised. I think people read but their brains go all deer in the headlights when they see that someone has died. I hope you aren't put through too much more run around to straighten things out.

  2. So sorry you've having to deal with this. I had trouble with a state-level system following my wife's death and it took over a year and a half to get it all straigtened out. Apparently competence is low on the list of qualifications for state-level employees.

    I hope you are able to get this taken care of without any further headaches.

  3. Annie, 3SF, Thank you both. I think my frustration may have more to do with the upcoming anniversary than the actual issue but either way it's great to hear from you.