Mar 4, 2009

Trip to the ER

Last night was dinner with N&P, which is always great. I get awesome food and I don't have to cook! Since dinner was taken care of, some laundry was done and things in general were moving along nicely I thought I'd get to bed a bit early. I thought that anyway.

At about 10:30p Sugarbear came down to my room whimpering. He was holding his stomach and walking very awkwardly. My first thought was "He's up again, why does he hate to sleep?" but a quick inspection proved that he was in pain. When I touched his abdomen he cringed and jerked. So I ran to the office and looked up the local urgent care facility which as it turned out closed about 30 minutes ago. So I went for my insurance website, they offer chats with RN's for free but the chat site was not found. So the only remaining option was the emergency room. So at 11pm N&P were on their way back to my house to stay with the girls, the boys were on our way to the ER.

I didn't tell him that we were going to the ER. I didn't want to scare him; I just told him we were going to the all night doctor. Although it's not like he couldn't read the bright bold white sign above the door that stated in all CAPS "EMERGENCY ROOM"; and that's exactly what he did. As we pulled into the parking lot he stated very factually "This is the Hospital where Momma died." We went in and he asked a few questions about Papa who was there a few months earlier. He wanted to know if Papa was able to change the channels on the TV. Then he asked "What if people are just asleep and they think they are dead, can they dig out of the dirt?" But that was really his only serious question of the night. I was glad.

Three hours, and a large emergency room co-pay later we determined that he's perfectly fine. He just needs a laxative and more fiber. Really nice! The nurse brought him a popcicle and sent us on our way.

All things considered I'm happy with the way things worked out. At least this late night trip to the ER was a non event, unlike the few I made with Mindy over the years. So a bit deprived of the extra sleep but no worse for wear; all but the smallest amount of grief was surprisingly avoided. Another needed blessing on our family.

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  1. This is one of the things I dread the most - having to take my daughter to the ER at our hospital. Right now she only talks about the fact that a friend's baby was born there, but I'm pretty sure she remembers what else happened there too.

    On the two year anniversary last week, I managed to leave a store parking lot and wind up facing the hospital. It was hard enough for me to face it alone from across a busy road. I dread the first time I have to actually pass through those doors...

    Glad to hear you both weathered your son's trip relatively unscathed.