Jan 18, 2009

Bitter Sweet Ski Trip

I spent the last week in Breckenridge, CO skiing with some buddies. The first day there was not all that great. The snow was pouring down, the wind was blowing hard and the powder was thick. But we skied it anyway. The next several days were much better with lighter snow but still some powder on top. I had a blast and I wish I could ski a little everyday!

The last day we skied I took my headphones with me and listened to my music from my blackberry. We were coming down a nice blue/black slope when "Cry out to Jesus" from Third Day started to play. I had been skiing for several days but out of nowhere the snow seemed purer, the trees had more strength, and the sky was more expansive. I felt like Mindy was smiling at me and nothing could go wrong. The irony with memories of Mindy is they are sweet and immediately followed by bitter. The missing piece in my heart suddenly ached. At least while I was cruising down the mountain at 35-40 mph I could blame the tears in my eyes on the cold wind in my face.

On the ride back home I just thought...if this trip was to recharge my batteries so I can face the rest of the year with my kids as priority one then I think I've done the job. I had so much fun and I didn't worry about anything except hitting the trees and I only hugged a few on the way down. I escaped almost everything; work, housekeeping, homework. But when it comes to Mindy and my kids, as Willy says, "You are always on my mind".

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  1. as it should be. I was thinking about you and Mindy and the kids today. Glad you had a good time it was much needed and much deserved.