Jan 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my eldest daughter!

She's a teenager now. It's official. My little girl is in such a hurry to grow up, as I was when I was near her age, and I'm in such a hurry to find a way to make time stand still. I miss the little three year old bringing me her dolls and Teletubbies to play with. Now she could care less if I'm in the room.

In the years that I've been raising the Teenager I've seen her go through so much and come out stronger for it. And I think that is a trait she gets from her mother. I see a lot of Mindy in her, and I see a lot of my behavior in her too, good and bad. I honestly don't know much about her biological father; he was never really around at all. But she is so much like Mindy and I that no one ever even questions that she's not my daughter. So to the smartest, fun loving, beautiful teenager a father could ask for, Happy Birthday baby. I love you and no matter how old you are, you'll always be my little girl.