Nov 11, 2008

I'm wrong cause Obama is right

Yesterday on my way home with the kids I got a call from an automated service offering me a lower interest rate. I waited patiently for the prompt to press some digit to remove my phone number from the list, but there was no such prompt. So I chose to speak with the agent. A pleasant voice came to the phone asking if I was responding to the automated message. I stated that it was in deed a response of sorts and she quickly went into her script to sell me some goods or services. I told her I just wanted my phone number removed from the list, and this is where the conversation took a weird turn.

The agent responded in a snide tone that I should have told her that up front (we are about 7 - 10 seconds into a conversation) and that "Obama doesn't front like that, Obama is for real". What??

Who said anything about Obama? Was this a new service where I was going to get some rich person's money to pay my bills?? She then called me several expletives and told me what I should do and how Obama will do it. I doubt Obama would appreciate her speaking for him, but she was apparently comfortable doing so.

So to all the Wildershow listeners out there, I was in doubt...but it has begun. There is no stopping the insanity. There is no logic, there is no sense of reasoning for the so dubbed "Obambots".

I must say I wanted to give her the what for over the phone, but I quickly remembered the kids in the car as my 12 year old looked at me when I gasped at the Obama statements from way out in left field. So I refrained, but I really wanted to let her have a few points of my own. I tried to call the number (323-429-7522) back later to report the agent, but to no avail.

Now I know not all Obama supporters are similar to this person. But there is definitely more than one out there, and the number appears to be getting larger in my experience. So to those who still appreciate moral value, logic, and thinking for one's self; hang in there it may be a long four years.


  1. this would be a good story for SNL's weekend update skit with seth and amy called "REALLY??!!" lol!

  2. Yeah, and for the next four years we'll be yelling like the Weekend Update Financial Expert, Oscar Rogers,"FIX IT! Clamp it down and FIX IT!"

  3. I'm not surprised. The Obamatrons have no problem spewing their ignorance. It's gonna be a looooong 4 years.