Nov 17, 2008

My baby can dance!

My little baby girl has been taking dance for about a year now. Mindy enrolled her in the same dance school that Mindy went to as a little girl, and even bought an adult pair of tap shoes so she could help her practice at home. They both seemed to love it. But when it came time for the recitals there was always one little girl who just stood still on stage, like a deer in the headlights. That would be my little angel.

I've watched her dance in class, and talked to her instructor and she can dance really well. She just gets really shy. So I've been telling her all week how her instructor told me she was good. And I saw her dance and it was great so she should show everyone else. She had her first recital of the '08-'09 season last night and she danced every step of it. I was so proud of her! When she was done I scooped her up and just poured praises on her. She was grinning ear to ear. We all went for some ice cream to celebrate afterwards. I hope this good experience will continue for the remaining recitals. And she looked so cute in her Santa cap.


  1. Aww! We are so proud! Can't wait to see her dance!

  2. do I hear joe walsh.....all she wants to do is......all she wants to do is DANCE. all she wants to do is dance!!!!