Nov 14, 2008

What in the world is going on?

I went last night to see Dr. David Jeremiah preach on topics covered in his book What in the World Is Going On? and overall I enjoyed it. I will say that I've only heard "Turning Point", his radio show, a few times so I wasn't very familiar with him. I went in a little skeptical, only because these days you have to be certain you are getting the Word of God, not a worldly perception of the word.

The evening began at 7pm and started with worship in song. This was wonderful at first, but an hour in I was ready for the main act. After an hour and a half of singing praises, which I love to do, Dr. Jeremiah took the stage. His initial comments set off my alarms. He made statements on various world events and natural disasters that had occurred in the last year. He briefly mentioned hurricane Katrina, and the issues in Myanmar. Now I know Katrina was in August of 2005 and I thought the major issues addressed by the UN in Myanmar were more than a year old as well. In further review it appears that issues in Myanmar did extend into 2008 and one could argue that the issues are not resolved today. But to state that Katrina occurred in the past 12 months?? Where was he going with this.

Now I will say that the remainder of the evening was strongly rooted in the true Word of God. And I did not discern any other discrepancies with what Dr. Jeremiah stated. I agreed with his points on the second coming of Christ and even got a new context for some scripture I was only fairly familiar with. And yes, I reviewed that scripture (1 Thes 4:13) later in the evening for further thought. This scripture really had me thinking of Mindy, and at that point in time I wanted Jesus to come back NOW! I was ready to meet my savior and be reunited with all my loved ones. But it's not my will, it's His will. His timing will be perfect, you'll see when we get there.

To any interested in seeing Dr. Jeremiah I would suggest it as a good time of fellowship outside of your local church, with like minded conservative Christians. In retrospect, I believe his statement about Katrina being in the last year was most likely a misstatement or misunderstanding. As his context for the statement was not incorrect at all. And ultimately it didn't matter if it was twelve months or thirty nine months. He wasn't giving a specific time frame for the second coming, as no one on earth knows that. But rather some events that could be indications as revealed in the Word.

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