Nov 24, 2008

White Rock Relay

I've always planned on running the White Rock Marathon, but I've never really trained for it. I always seem to procrastinate and start training too late in the season. This year I got in with a great group of guys to "Run the Rock" as a 5 man relay. I figured even without as much training as I'd like, I can knock out 5-6 miles for the relay.

This year the relay is on my nephew's birthday. So when we get finished in Dallas we'll head back for some BBQ. As we get into the Holy-days season I always get anxious that I won't get the right gifts, but I got a call this morning from my grandmother that reminded me that family is a really great gift. This year especially, there has been so much loss in and around our family. So for my family that may be reading, I hope you like your gifts. But if not, I hope you enjoy the time we get to spend together. And may God grant us many more to comfort and support one another.

Speaking of comfort and support, I've been putting off getting a new pair of running shoes. I hope my current ones will last through December. I plan on running with less equipment this year also. In previous years I ran with a GPS device and my MP3 player. This year I'm just taking my Blackberry. I downloaded a decent app to use the built in GPS locator to keep my pace, and I'll download my "running tunes" to keep me motivated.

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  1. I soooo need to start seriously training. but I cant wait!!