Dec 8, 2008

CHRISTmas is almost here!

I'm so anxious, and very nervous about CHRISTmas this year. I want this to be a special year for the kids. Something that will help solidify all the great memories they have of CHRISTmas' past, with Mindy. I'm also intent on starting a new, fairly simple tradition we can do each year that they kids can look forward to.

I thought of maybe taking candles to Mindy on CHRISTmas eve. But what if they won't stay lit? So I thought what about leaving a rose from each child for Mindy. Unfortunately, Mindy was the creative one, she would know exactly what to do. I want so much for the kids to have a great end to a very difficult year. But I'm ready for the year to end.

My oldest is sick again also. We went to the doctor again this morning to confirm, she has strep throat again. At least she'll be done with the antibiotics this week so she should feel good soon. It just hurts me when there is nothing I can do to make them feel better. I wasn't like that before. When the kids were sick, it was Momma's job. She nursed them back to health and loved doing it.

I have no idea why anyone would ever choose to be a single parent, I certainly didn't choose it. And the more time I spend being a single dad the more I'm convinced that God never intended for there to be a single parent home. I'm blessed to have a great support network of friends and family that are always there to help me. But I think more like an older generation, in that I should be able to do this myself. If not I just pray harder for more strength and continue on. But that may also be because I haven't been doing this very long. That's probably apart of the anxiety also. Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours. Make sure you tell your loved ones how much they are loved. It serves them well, and makes you a great imitator of the ultimate servant leader, Christ Jesus.

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