Dec 6, 2008

His perfect timing

Wow, I just keep getting these little miracles in my life. God's way of letting me know that I'm not in this alone. I told you all previously that I had instances of God's presence in my life. Well today I got another such blessing.

I did not take care when planning my finances this month. I am usually fairly decent at this but I've been a neglect steward the last few months. Well, I found myself in a position where I had to either ask for money, or be broke. I decided to do neither. I put the concern in the hands of God.

I knew I had a check coming to me, just not when. So I prayed that God would deliver that check before I needed the money. Well, the check I was expecting hasn't come. But wouldn't you know that I got an unexpected refund from court fees that I paid an attorney months ago. Now, had I gotten the check that I was expecting discerning minds could say that it was just coincidence. But God sent me a check from an unexpected source and to me it's indisputable that it was His will at work. Now the amount was not enormous, but it was just enough to cover my mistakes and answer my prayers.

I also have a new found conviction to build back my savings and return to my budget before I get myself in real trouble. And in the last few months I've had doubts about continuing my tithe. But no longer. It's all God's money, he chooses where to place it. He's asked that I give my tithe to the church, so there's nothing to doubt there...give the tithe to the church. I hope your weekend was filled with everyday blessings as mine has been.

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