Dec 15, 2008

White Rock Relay - Completed

Well as I stated in my last post, I'm horrible about procrastination. I had plenty of time to run before the White Rock Marathon Relay...but I didn't. Not one single step. But I had a blast anyway. I had the second leg of the relay...downhill, with the wind at my back, and only 4 miles. I managed to keep close to a 10mi/min pace despite not having run since the end of July.

This picture was taken near the start of the fourth leg. Our third leg runner was still finishing up and she did a knock out job. She had the wind in her face most of the way around the lake and kept up a pretty quick pace. I wish I had the actual figures to post. From left to right we have me, my brother who started us off, our fourth leg who had to fight the hills, and our closer who brought us in for a finish under 4hrs. It was a blast, I look forward to it next year...except that I'll actually train so I can be more competitive.

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