Dec 19, 2008

The CHRISTmas shopping is done!

I finished my shopping last night. Now I can put the focus on the real reason for CHRISTmas for the next whole week. I think I'll read Luke 2 to the kids on CHRISTmas eve. I know a lot of people do that every year and it sounds like a great way to anchor the season in reality.

I think I bought too much for the kids for CHRISTmas. I used to comment on how much Mindy would buy them every year and now that it's all on me I've done the same thing. In my defense some of what I bought I've set aside for birthdays and such. I was just in a shopping mode and kept finding things I knew they would really like. But I think as long as they understand that the gifts are not the reason for, or even the highlight of CHRISTmas it should be okay.

Now I can relax. The shopping is done. The giving will begin in a few days and that's my favorite part. Watching the kids faces as they open their gifts. But best of all is no more shopping. Did I mention that I'm done shopping.

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