Dec 22, 2008

I miss them already...

My three little monkeys are out of school for the remainder of the year. I on the other hand still have to work. So they are going to play ping pong between family for the next few days. We were at Mindy's parent's house to open gifts with them this Saturday. As always the kids loved every minute of it. They were even pointing out familiar CHRISTmas decorations on the way. I imagined myself arguing with Mindy over the radio station...cause that's what we did. She would be tired of hearing me sing CHRISTmas music. But seeing her parents always refreshes my memories of her there. They always have a real CHRISTmas tree and it smelled so wonderful.

The next day after church we headed over to my grandparents to open gifts with my Dad's side of our family. I made sure to taste test all the treats that were being made. The monkeys were playing video games and watching DVD's. My almost teenager tried to spend the whole day on the computer, but once she was involved with everyone else she had a great time. Princess got her favorite toys (which is any one that she opens), and Sugarbear got some legos to keep his mind busy. He's like me in that he is always thinking about building/making things. I hope I can get him to be better at actually building/making them.

When it was all done, I had the weirdest feeling; I wasn't ready to leave...but I didn't want to stay. I can't really explain it any better than that, sorry. The kids spent the night there, cause I had to get back to the J-O-B. I wish I could bring them to work with me. I really hate to be without them, even though it will only be for two days. I feel like everyday with them right now is so crucial. Next week I will be away from the office all week. I hope I can spend some real time with them...just us, before we have to enter back into the world. Here's to all the parents out there spending time with your children. You are the everyday heroes that make your child's world spin. Keep filling them up, and they will return the favor many times over. May God's grace find you all and keep you safe.

Merry CHRISTmas!

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