Feb 12, 2009

And the adoption goes on...and on

I hate writing about this adoption...only because I feel this overwhelming need to be censored. But it is really weighing on me. Our next court date is just over a week away and nothing has really changed in that time. Bio-Dad still doesn't call, doesn't write...doesn't anything. He did manage to send some CHRISTmas and birthday presents along with the presents his parents sent (wonder who really did all that?)

He still managed to botch that up. He bought my Teenager some clothes and they were all way too big. But then again how would he know...it's not like he's an active part of her life anyway. He did manage to get her a Sony PSP and a few games. The only thing that burns me about the PSP is that he can afford that but he can't pay his child support?

Don't get me wrong, we aren't starving without his child support for her. It's the principle really. He was ordered to pay child support when she was just an infant. She's a teenager now and he's $35,000+ behind and fighting me for custody of her. He was court ordered to call her on Saturdays (what parent has to be court ordered to talk to their kids?) and did that for about 3 weeks. I mean, in my opinion, it's obvious that he doesn't really care about her or care about having custody of her. I just don't know what is pushing his buttons to make him fight me so much.

And it's very scary to know that as much as my family has been ripped apart by Mindy's death, as we go on mending our lives and finding our way as our family minus one the threat of loosing another still looms. The decision as to whether or not the daughter I've raised since she was two and a half years old gets to stay in our household rests in the hands of a judge. And as capable and honorable as the judge may be...it's scary to have his decision make or break what I'm trying to hold together.

Well, as much help as venting can be, I guess that's all I can say for now. I can't wait until this is all said and done. I can't wait to have that 'Your Adopted' party to celebrate the fact that we get to continue being the family Mindy and I wanted us to be.

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  1. We're praying that the judge will see the truth. Karson is with her true daddy and no one could ever say otherwise. We will throw the biggest baddest party ever to celebrate!!